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When Hill Management Group opened in 2007, we started with offices downtown Chicago. It was a small but cheerful space centered around a terrific conference area. And then . . . we hardly spent any time there. Consulting is an on-the-road job, and customers rarely come visit. Furthermore, Andrea Hill has strong opinions about balancing work and home life, which includes allowing as much work-at-home as feasible for employees.

The good thing about leasing office space in a major real estate downturn is that you can cut a 12-month lease. In 2008 we dissolved the office space and committed to being a virtual office, paperless company. Our employees are largely centered in the Midwest/Great Lakes area, but we have employees in three of the four corners of the country and two in Canada. Not only does this provide all of us with terrific folks to visit wherever we go, but it means we can cover all the time-zones, bring a national perspective to our work, and find terrific employees wherever they live!



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