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Who is Hill Management Group?

Andrea Hill headshotHMG is owned by Andrea Hill.  Andrea has over 25 years professional experience as the CEO and president of start-up through mid-sized companies, and she has demonstrated serial success in leading companies through rapid and profitable growth. Her experience spans multiple industries as the CEO of Rio Grande Jewelry Supply, the president of international clothing manufacturer and direct marketer Fulcrum Direct/After the Stork, president of marketing services firm Anthill Marketing, and a founding senior executive of Playboy’s direct marketing catalog operations in music and video.

Andrea’s particular expertise is in preparing companies for growth – whether they seek to improve cash-flow for organic growth, or acquire angel or institutional investors. She uses proprietary processes for strategic planning, branding & marketing strategy, operations improvement and management, human resources strategy, and financial reporting – all areas which must be perfected in order to improve the bottom line or approach serious investors.

She is also very well known for her ability to explain business concepts in clear, accessible, easy-to-implement terms, and is a much sought-after speaker and teacher.

In 2007 Andrea formed HMG, providing strategy consulting, business education, branding, and marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses. HMG began as StrategyWerx, a strategy consultancy serving the jewelry, arts, craft and lifestyle-brand industries.

However, it quickly became apparent that HMG accounts were unable to act on much of the marketing advice that was given, because they lacked internal marketing staff to do so. When Andrea tried to build a database of marketing companies that were suitable to serve these businesses, she hit a brick wall. She didn’t want to offer a patchwork of freelance graphic designers, copy-writers, and social media marketers to her clients. Even if this type of arrangement had been manageable, Andrea found very few freelancers who understood marketing sufficiently to execute a strategic marketing program. So in 2008, Andrea formed SupportWerx to serve as a specialty marketing agency to small business owners.

In 2013 Andrea formed a third brand, MentorWerx. This fulfilled her long-term goal her of offering business education in affordable increments to creative-based business owners who need to address business knowledge gaps in order to become stronger managers and leaders.


Four Good Reasons to Work with the 'Werx Brands

Reason #1 Reason #2 Reason #3 Reason #4

Reason #1

Vast knowledge and experience in the business of jewelry and craft makes us uniquely qualified to advise business owners selling artisan-made goods. StrategyWerx serves your business by helping you solve problems, fill in missing business requirements, and prepare your business for better profitability and growth.

Reason #2

Marketing mastery, combined with deep technical expertise, means that SupportWerx brings you the most advanced marketing advice and services. Marketing is changing — but it's changing on a continuum. The fact that we have 30 years of marketing experience means we bring sound marketing recommendations to the table. That, plus our commitment to stay on the bleeding edge of technology in order to serve as your guide through a changing business landscape, and you have an unbeatable combination of experience and foresight.

Reason #3

Our commitment to helping our clients grow means teaching them better business skills. This commitment has evolved into MentorWerx, an online business education site that uses simple, effective, advanced technology to deliver a superior learning experience. We design our classes using the best adult-education methods, and our curriculum is tailored to jewelry and craft-based business owners.

Reason #4

We're fun. Seriously! Happy people are fun to work with, and Hill Management Group employees work from home, have control over our schedules, and significant input on the work. Our business culture is principle-based, and everyone here works to be a better version of him-or-herself every day. Imagine how fun your life would be with almost no meetings, no micromanagement, tons of creative things to work on, and the ability to be home with your family and work in your stretchy clothes! Fun is never over-rated.